Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandy Point

Kiosk at entrance
Picnic pavilion at the river

Parking lot/entrance
Yesterday I visited Sandy Point where an eagle scout project is planned to help bridge the pavilion area along the river to another trail. This will require about 100 feet of boardwalk to cross a swampy area and then approximately half a mile of trail to connect the areas. This is certainly going to challenge the scout as he only has two months to complete the project! There are many opportunities for scout projects on this state forest as well as others.

While at the forest I looked at another possible trail to connect the pavilion area to Meadow Road, which would make a nice loop through the swamp. The planted longleaf are looking good and hopefully a prescribed burn will soon wipe out the surrounding competition from loblolly pine, sweetgum, grass, and ailanthus.

The Mattaponi was beautiful yesterday and showcased it's value as a bald eagle flew right over my head. Unfortunately I was not quick enough with the camera. There is a bald eagle nest on the property but I'm not telling where, I'll let you all find it on your own. Sandy Point is also home to the pink ladyslipper and some purple loosestrife.

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